UKQRM was formed by Mike Trodd in July 2008 after his neighbours installed BT Vision with Comtrend power line adaptors.


UKQRM is now a team effort run by an advisory group of 16 members drawn from a wide variety of fields.


UKQRM represents the short wave radio listeners and shortwave radio users.


We are made up of private individuals and have no financial interest whatsoever other than the loss of use of our radio equipment. (Some members who may run a commercial establishment accepted)


We stand on our own but enjoy the support of all the main radio groups and bodies including the RSGB, BDXC and WDXC.


We are also supported by businesses and shops that make a living by selling short wave equipment.


UKQRM speaks for its 520+ members and the 3433 people (to date) who have put their signature to the UK Government e-petition.


The aim of UKQRM is to protect shortwave radio from interference caused by PLTís of the UPA and HPA type.


How we do things:


The main tool of UKQRM is publicity.


We do this by direct contact and by maintaining the UKQRM web site and discussion group.


We also fully support the RSGB in their long term efforts regarding PLT.


(Ofcom reference removed after its CEO made serious errors on public forum)


We believe that many more people are affected by PLT interference than is apparent.

This is because they may have no idea what the noise is coming out of their radio.

These people may not have the ability to, or may fear making formal complaints.

These people may not know they can complain!


We believe that PLT in its current form (using an already occupied part of the spectrum) is flawed and should never have come to market.


Tests have been conducted and shown that the PLTs do not comply with the regulations and clear evidence shows they do not and can not comply with the Essential Requirements.


What we donít do.


UKQRM does not seek to stop people enjoying the internet or the use of their computers.

UKQRM is not apposed to new technology.

UKQRM is not a replacement for any other radio body.

UKQRM is not a professional body! We are a section of the UK public that has united to fight against this hijacking of the shortwave radio spectrum.



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