It would seem that Power Line Adaptors can actually slow down your Internet Connection!
A number of tests have shown a large drop in download speed when a PLT device is in use nearby!

Using one of the well known broadband speed test sites I performed this test tonight.

With no PLT (Comtrend) in use

Download speed = 4784 kbps
Upload = 349 kbps

PLT plugged in within 2 mins of above test.

Download speed = 2760 kbps
Upload = 372  kbps

Confirmation test without PLT within 1 min of above test.

Download speed 4912 kbps
Upload speed 375 kbps

Considering it was BT who complained that electrical noise on the mains power cables was slowing down broadband, it is somewhat ironic that the BT supplied Comtrend Power Line Adaptors
actually cause this so very badly!

Small wonder of course as this dirty technology does not discriminate about who it interferes with!

Once again this shows that PLT is bad for everyone and small wonder when a technology is allowed to come to market that ignores all the laws and regulations designed to prevent just such problems!
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