Itís often asked who exactly is to blame for pushing PLT onto our market?

Well, everything points to Europe.

Why else would our regulator when faced with a flood of non compliant electronic devices fail to take action to stop it at source?


There are those who would have us believe that short wave radio is dead and there is nothing there to hear anymore!

This is a total lie!


Itís as interesting as ever.


To prove this I present just two evenings short wave radio logs, you be the judge is shortwave radio dead?


Of course not, what seems to be happening is that someone or some body is deliberately trying to undermine our human rights to receive information freely and without regulation. (And it is our human right)

Shortwave radio does this very well! So are we being transformed into a censored state?


If you have internet radio, that can be controlled very easily!


Frequency - station name and location - time in UTC Ė mode - programme detail - date.



3955†† KBS World Radio from Seoul2100AM News, Swine Flu

††††††† 11/May/2009


4005†† Vatican Radio2230AMpoor signal due QRM11/May/2009


4940†† Voice of America1933AMQuite weak and under PLT noise :-(

††††††† 8/May/2009


5885†† Vatican Radio1950AMEnglish programme. Update on the

††††††† Pope's travels8/May/2009


5945†† Voice of Islamic republic of Iran1940AMNews paired with

††††††† 99258/May/2009


6055†† The Mighty KBC2136AMWolf Man show LOL8/May/2009


6100†† SRB International Radio Serbia2111AMNews and comment

††††††† 11/May/2009


6255†† Radio Cairo2124AMVery muffled speech11/May/2009


6255†† Radio Cairo2115AMEurope service in English Female

††††††† announcer. Cuts in TX poor audio etc From 2121 the news

††††††† started and the audio came right up!8/May/2009


7210†† Radio Station Belarus2000AMFemale announcer, very fast

††††††† speaking and unclear! Buzz in carrier. News8/May/2009


7250†† Vatican Radio1952AMPaired with 5885 More on the Pope's

††††††† visit to Jordon8/May/2009



7400†† Radio Bulgaria2140AMMusic show with Bulgarian songs

††††††† 11/May/2009


7510†† Radio Ukraine International2130AMComments about Ukraine

††††††† and commerce11/May/2009


9485†† BBC World1850AMReport on EU space projects8/May/2009


9665†† Radio PMR Moldova Pridnestrovye2215AMPridnestrovye about

††††††† Russian liberating them from Nazis Very anti Moldova??????

††††††† Organization††† Breakaway republic of Transnistria

††††† ††(Pridnestrovyan Moldavian Republic), a self-proclaimed

††††††† autonomous territory under administration by separatists.†††

††††††† Location††† Tiraspol, Moldova. Transmitters are rated at 1000

††††††† kW, according to Moldovan radio monitor Leonid Cultuclu.†††

††††††† Languages††† Russian, Ukranian, Moldavian††† Identification†††

††††††† (Russian) Govorit Pridnestrovye††† Active††† 1992 - present†††

††††††† Contact††† Radio PMR, ul. Rozy Liuksemburg 10, (MD-3300)

††††††† Tiraspol, Moldova††† 11/May/2009


9665†† Spanish National Radio from Madrid1913AMMuch better

††††††† frequency than 11620. Lights camera action8/May/2009


9680†† Radio Thailand2040AMNews and much comment about Swine Flu

††††††† Western music8/May/2009


9680†† Radio Thailand2033AMComment on Thai politics. Jobless in

††††††† Thailand was over 7 million.11/May/2009


9730†† Voice of Vietnam2030AMFemale announcer, fair bit of

††††††† splatter from other BC stations. News prog talking about Swine

†††††† Flu8/May/2009


9925†† Voice of Islamic republic of Iran1936AMIslamic music and

††††††† propaganda8/May/2009


11600†† Radio Prague2130AMNews8/May/2009


11620†† Spanish National Radio from Madrid1900AMNews8/May/2009


11840†† Radio Australia2200AMNews, very clear. News from Auz

††††††† 11/May/2009


11940†† Radio Romania International2040AMRadio news real, Europe

††††††† Day feature11/May/2009


11940†† Radio Romania International2045AMComment on Romania

††††††† 8/May/2009


11990†† Radio Kuwait2005AMAs always western style music,

††††††† including the Carpenters with The Two Of Us.8/May/2009


12040†† Voice Of Russia1920AMComment about arms and the CFET at

††††††† NATO EU arms control8/May/2009


13590†† CVC Africa Via Lusaka Zambia1834AMMusic and comments

††††††† 8/May/2009


15120†† Voice of Nigeria2009AMNews, accented. But quite clear

††††††† 8/May/2009


15535†† Radio Netherlands1911AMNetwork Europe music8/May/2009


15535†† Radio Netherlands1907AMNetwork Europe8/May/2009


17770†† CVC Africa Via Juelich Germany1844AMPaired with 13590

††††††† 8/May/2009


Sorted by frequency.


So the EU commission that recently told one of my MEPs that the shortwave spectrum is best used by PLT was either making a gross error or there is something more sinister about all this!


How better to jam shortwave radio than have a jamming device in every house!


Shortwave radio is your way to tune into the world and hear what is being said and make your own mind up.

Currently it crossed boarders and gets to the public of any country.

No other medium offers this facility.


If you value your freedom then shortwave radio is worth saving and fighting for.


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May 2009


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