Shock news! We are just finding out that PLT is to be extended to cover 3-370Mhz!
!Its confirmed March 2010!
Tests have shown that the Belkin Gigabit Powerline HD adaptors
wipe out the spectrum from 2.5 to 370Mhz
So that includes DAB radio, air band right up to UHF air band.
This is a direct result of the regulators failure to act decisively over previous PLT devices.

What does UKQRM stand for? Well, UK as we are based in the UK and QRM is the radio code for Man-made interference, such as that from badly made equipment. There are many such 'Q' codes

British Telecom with its BT Vision package and many independent electrical and computer stores/outlets are supplying power line adaptors to as many homes as they can!

What's wrong with that you might ask?
Well there is one element of this package that is causing the death of short wave radio!

Shortwave radio is the medium used by most International Broadcasters to transmit their programming to the World. Commonly referred to as World Band Radio, it has amazing properties that allow world wide communications and it has been in use since Marconi made his first historic transmissions.

Shortwave broadcasts are found in the 2Mhz to 30Mhz band of the radio
spectrum (just above the Medium waveband) and include many thousands of users: Military, Shipping, Long Range Aircraft communication, Space, Amateur, safety of lives and World Broadcasters.

Many Millions of people listen to short wave radio every day, some relying on it for their very existence.
Modern short wave equipment is very sophisticated and can even be computer controlled.
Shortwave radios cost from a few pounds to many thousands of pounds (GBP £) There is a huge world market in shortwave equipment!

We believe it is of paramount importance that its uninterrupted use is
maintained and protected.

Its Piracy pure and simple

The problem is caused by the Power Line Adaptors (Powerline Ethernet)
These are used to set up a home network by passing signals over the mains wires of the house! carrying video and data. To do this they use the almost all of the shortwave spectrum 24 hours of every day! even while no data is being passed. (UPA Comtrend type)

The result is that the mains wires being unscreened act just like antennas and broadcast the video/data far and wide outside of the house concerned!

This has nothing to do with Internet access or being connected! you don't need power line ethernet to use the Internet or even BT Vision! UKQRM is not trying to stop people being connected to the Internet, why would we? we all use it every day.

There are currently two types of these terrible adaptors!

Universal Powerline Association (UPA) as used by the BT Comtrend adaptors and Home Plug Power Alliance (HPA) less intrusive but still a problem! Our main focus is the UPA type but we are also very concerned about the HPA and any type of Power Line Communication.

OFCOM persist in claiming that the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 does not apply to PLT! despite the fact that
PLT is indeed a radio transmitter. It would not work without generating and transmitting
radio energy into the mains wires which are no different from any other unscreened wire.

However the EMC regulations 'do' apply and we know that PLT does not meet them!

EMC Essential requirements are:

Equipment shall be designed and manufactured, having regard to the state of the art, so as to
ensure tható
(a) the electromagnetic disturbance it generates does not exceed a level above which radio
and telecommunications equipment or other equipment cannot operate as intended; and
(b) it has a level of immunity to the electromagnetic disturbance to be expected in its
intended use which allows it to operate without unacceptable degradation of its intended

Part III, General Requirements - Apparatus:

15.No person shall place on the market apparatus unless either the following requirements, or
the corresponding requirements of the EMC Directive as implemented under the law of another
state in the Community, are met.

From the in a recent article about BPL
Against Power Line Ethernet (PLT)
That uses the short wave/ VHF radio spectrum
Probably the worst thing to happen to Shortwave radio ever!
<< Click this graphic for a very interesting site all about this subject!
BBC sounds a note of caution about PLT/PLA way back in 2005!
Well there have been loads of complaints now and still the HPA does not listen,
in fact they have now stolen VHF as well!

After the publication of the long awaited PA consulting report into the long term effects of PLA/PLT on the radio spectrum. Ofcom called a meeting of Stakeholders this included; Civil Aviation Authority, BBC Domestic, BBC World Service, EMCIA, UKQRM, RAOTA (Veteran radio amateurs) and the RSGB.

If you would like to read a report on this meeting please click this text.


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